Helping children Adjust to Changes

Life unfortunately goes up and down, left and right and round and round and change can happen at the drop of a hat. As adults we adjust to change fairly well as by the time we get to being an adult we have dealt with many changes and so are used to the feelings and thoughts that go with change. Children are not always so good at this. They find change a little tricky and most children I know like to have everything to stay the same  as it makes them feel safe and secure. However, we have to help children adjust to life changes as they cannot be avoided. These can be moving house, moving country, changing schools, someone coming to live with us, a change in financial status or someone moving out of the home. There are lots of big life changes that can feel huge and overwhelming.

Ideas To Help Children Adjust To Changes

  1. Give them enough warning as we think is right for our child. Too much time and they worry for a longer period. Too little and they don’t feel they are ready.
  2. Give them the facts – enough for their age.
  3. Talk about the change and what it will mean for them.
  4. Share the benefits of the change – no matter how small they are.
  5. Listen to their concerns and worries and addressing them as they come up
  6. Answer any questions they have even if it means you answering the same ones time and time again.
  7. Acknowledge and validate their feelings.

The worst thing you can do is shield your child from change and put off the inevitable. They need to be a part of it so keep dialogues open and share the impending changes that are about to happen and the consequences of how it will affect them.

Here is more information on how to help children with big life changes. I find there is so much change that children have to be able to adjust to it easily. If your child could benefit from some coaching in this area then please do give me a call on 07961312749.