Child feeling good, child looking ready to play

Happy children – that’s what all parents want. They want children who feel good about who they are and what they stand for. Can we help our child to feel good? We certainly can. What we say and do will help contribute to a healthy self-esteem and an inner confidence. It will impact on the rest of our children’s life outside of the home, and hopefully lead to great friendships and a positive outlook on life. Helping children feel good is part of a parents remit and responsibility to some extent.

Helping Children Feel Good Tips

  1. We can respect our children’s decisions even when we don’t agree with them. Supporting them will make them feel good.
  2. Parents should respect children for the way they are even if they are very different from us and we find their quirks unusual!
  3. We need to steer clear of criticising our children especially in front of their friends. No-one likes to be put down in front of others.
  4. Parents should avoid comparing their children with others.  Doing so makes children doubt our acceptance – which conflicts with number 2.
  5. We can spend time with them and get them to see we love their company. Playing games or play fighting may be a part of this.
  6. Parents can be a good role model for children by showing them how much we like who we are. It’s also important for children to see that that despite trying to be the best we can be, we also accept that we aren’t perfect.
  7. We need to let children explore, try new things and also do activities they really enjoy. Everything in moderation!
  8. We should help children to both recognise and celebrate their achievements.
  9. We can show them we love them in the way they are comfortable with.
  10. Most importantly we must take an interest in their lives and make sure they know they are so precious to us.

These are my top tips for helping your child feel good about themselves.  Give them a go if you’re child needs a self-confidence boost.

I’d love to know how you get on or your own particular parenting advice on raising a child’s self-confidence. To read more on how to help your children feel good and happy check out this blog or get in touch with me to see how I can help.