'Be Kind' written in chalk on school playground

Children know that kindness is one of the most important things they can show towards others, but I don’t think they often relate it to themselves. They should treat themselves with kindness, just like they treat others. Is it because they don’t know how or is it because showing kindness comes more naturally than being kind to themselves? Either way, we need to help children change that.

Teaching Children How To Be Kind To Themselves

Children can be kind to themselves in many ways and it usually involves looking after their mind or body in some way.  Here’s some suggestions:

  • Eating well
  • Exercising
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Having the kind of interaction needed from friends and not accepting toxic friendships
  • Taking part in activities that they enjoy doing (playing football, drawing, watching youtube, having a pamper etc.)
  • Relaxing and not stressing about things they don’t have control over
  • Being kind to themselves can also be thinking positive thoughts rather than negative thoughts

If your child is not being kind enough to themselves encourage them to do some of the things mentioned above to see how it makes them feel. If they had a friend who was feeling overwhelmed, what would they suggest their friend did so they were kind to themselves? Or if their friend was feeling bored/lonely/sad what would they suggest to them? I imagine they would suggest something kind.

Children can alter their mood and perception when they are kind to themselves – it helps them to feel more positive and in-control of their lives. It’s great for both their mental and physical health and should be encouraged in children (and adults too). Has your child felt better for taking some time out to be kind to themselves?

If you find your child needs to be kinder to themselves why not book in a one off coaching session with me so they can learn how.