Wow Board for Childrens Self Esteem

Some children need help both at home and at school to help them feel good about who they are, appreciating that although they may struggle with one or two key areas of learning, they still have a lot to offer. Having developed the WOW board for children at home I have now tweaked the existing product and produced one as help for children to use within the school day. The ‘WOW’ Board for Schools has been developed for primary school aged children who need a self-esteem boost or to recognise that they are making progress in their work and at school in general. It can be used with mainstream children or for those with SEN. It is to help them see that despite any challenges they have, they are still very capable and advancing in their learning (despite maybe not feeling that way).

Help For Children In Schools ‘WOW’ Board 

  • using it children will see that their learning difficulties are just one part of them
  • it will help them take pride in their work and their achievements
  • they will see they can do well in their work and overcome struggles
  • they will recognize that they are good people with many great skills
  • it will help them learn from experiences that make them feel sad or unhappy
  • they should feel positive about who they are

The ‘WOW’ board for schools is self-explanatory, easy to use and helps children remember that life is not as bad it seems. They can see this visually as they write down the positive changes they are making in their school life. When I say school life it could be that their friendships are developing the way they wanted, they are making progress in their handwriting or just being more patient or settled in lessons.

The ‘WOW’ board is for any child in your classroom who needs to be reminded how well they are doing, see that they can make positive changes and feel better about themselves and their abilities. Read more about how the ‘WOW board  could help your school and the benefits of such a simple tool. It is now available from ebay at a price of just £24.99 plus p+p, however, bulk orders can be bought by schools and these rates can be discussed by getting in touch with Naomi.