Boy sitting at desk doing homework

Exam and test season are coming up and some children are finding it a challenge. They have to find the right revision technique for them and be better organised in order to study well. Some children/teens are finding that they are just very good at procrastinating and making excuses for why they aren’t at their books. All children need to be organised to some degree but more so when it comes to school work and tests. A tidy organised room/desk/mind will make studying much easier. It is much harder to study amongst chaos. So, how can you help kids be more organised?

Five Ways To Help Kids Be More Organised

1.   Find the best routine to get the most from your child. When they get home from school do they need to relax before they start work? What time can they start work realistically? Take into account dinner and after school activities.

2.   Plan the study session in advance. How many breaks will they take? Where are they going to work? What are they going to work on and in which order?

3.   What is going to motivate your child to work? Is it going to be something tangible?

4.   Are checklists going to be useful to them? Ticking off what they have done can be hugely satisfying.

5.   Encourage children to have an area where they keep all their books and keep it tidy so they don’t waste time looking for anything. They may also want to keep stationery in the same place so it is within reach.

These are just a few ways to arrange, and get prepared for study time. Every child works differently and some are naturally more organised than others so will need less help.  Some will work better listening to music, some in silence.

There may be challenges if you live in a small space or a busy, noisy household with smaller children. You’ll need to help them find a quiet space or perhaps they could use the local library if noise is an issue at home. What can you do to help your child be more organised? If procrastination is holding them back from studying then lets help our children deal with that so they can move forward and get the job needed done.

I’d love to hear what you are already doing too! Drop a comment below or via my social media channels.

If you would like some help getting your child to be more organised please do get in touch.