Helping Children maintain friendshipsNot all children find maintaining friendships easy. They find it easy to make new friends but then seem to let them slip away. Some children are conscious that they are doing this but most do not understand why their ‘friends’ are not including them in activities. The reason why is that they are not making the kind of effort that other children are making with each other.

Maintaining friendships is no easy task – it can be challenging and time consuming. But so well worth the effort which is why we need to teach our children to keep on going with friendships when they like specific children and get a sense of having things in common with them.

As a parent there are certainly things we can do to help. One of the most important is that we talk to our children about their friendships to check they are doing all the right things to encourage friendships to develop.

Ask your child if they are doing the following to help maintain friendships: 

1. If they are they being friendly.

2. If they ask their friends questions about things they know they are interested in.

3. If they are being helpful, kind and considerate to others.

4. If they joining in with activities and conversations – if not they need to attempt to do so.

5. If they are choosing not to be a part of a group – why?

6. If they are sharing information about themselves so that others can get to know them too.

7. If they would like to invite some children over to the house so they can get to know them better or give them the option to invite all the children to their next party

How do you help your child maintain friendships?


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