shy teenage girl hiding face, confidence children

To some extent, it still feels like we are restricted in our movement after lockdown. Covid is still around and there are still a few rules to follow like mask-wearing. So, it’s still there in the background, especially with the arrival of winter. Not everyone has bounced back from the pandemic and got their lives back to normal. For some people it is taking a little longer as they start to build up their confidence by going out, being in crowds again, socialising indoors etc. Covid has knocked the confidence of many adults and children and so we need to help children regain confidence.

Walking through my clinic door to my coaching practice in the past three months I have had children who are wobbly. They don’t feel good about who they are. They are scared of putting themselves out there – speaking up, interacting with their friends. They are worried about what others think of them more than they used to. It is like they have forgotten who they are and how wonderful they are. They need to get their confidence back.


Children can develop strategies to help themselves navigate life after lockdown. Talk to them about how they can take steps to regain their confidence and self-belief by:

  • Taking risks – try to join in with conversations they’d normally shy away from or talk to people they don’t normally talk to. It may go better than they expect.
  • Getting them to see what they offer others. Are they helpful, considerate or give their time to others?
  • Remembering the fab qualities they have and how they are a good friend. They may be kind, great at listening, funny and loyal.
  • Being brave and suggesting social plans. Don’t be shy to suggest meet-ups or start a new activity.
  • Ignoring the negative chatter that is going on in their heads. We all have it, but we must learn to control it and not let it override living our lives.

Building that confidence again after the pandemic will take time, but try these tips to help your teenagers get back to where they were before Covid hit in 2020. Alternatively feel free to give me a call to book in a coaching session to boost your child’s confidence.