Children benefit uniqnessUnique is good. If everyone was the same then life would be kind of dull. There would be no-one to have debates with, everyone would want to wear the same clothes, have the same hairstyle and be good (or not so good), at school subjects or extra-curricular activities. As I said life would be dull if there was no uniqueness.

There are some children who feel that being the same as everyone else would be a good thing. They would easily fit in with their peer group and be accepted. They don’t want to be different. But they are and so what we need to do is get our children to see the benefits of uniqueness.

The benefits of being unique are:

Sharing their talents with other people and helping others learn new things

Bringing new ideas and thoughts into discussions and group work

Standing out in a crowd

Being recognised for being a certain type of person and one that people are drawn to because they have that special quality

They will be interesting to other people that are don’t share the same views as them

You have different stories and experiences to share with your friends


What other benefits would you list?


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