Girl looking mischeivious

Age appropriate responsibilities. Table manners. Language used. Interpersonal skills. Communication skills. What do we expect from our children and when as they grow and mature. I am not going to blog about what we should expect and when it should happen, but rather about whether as parents, should we make our children grow up? Should parents be stopping the babyish language that comes out of our children’s mouths sometimes? Should we allow them to still use their fingers when eating when they are at secondary school? Is it okay for them to not interact with their family and other relations, or to never help around the house?

I think there is an age when it is acceptable to show these behaviours and when it is not.

Helping Children To Grow Up And Act Their Age

I think as parents we need to be steering our children in the right direction in terms of how they behave and what we deem to be appropriate.  This can only help and encourage them to grow socially and emotionally.  Using a comforter at 13 years old may be fine for you when your child is at home. But if if stops them from being able to have a grown up conversation with relatives,  then they should be encouraged to see that the comforter is not essential.

We don’t want to rush our children to be little adults but when it comes to key life skills they need to be taught them early on, so they become a habit. Ask yourself:

  • What kind of children do we want to create?
  • What skills do we want them to have?
  • How do we want them to behave?
  • Then ask yourself, are they where you want them to be or do they need to let go of behaving young and help them to grow up?

Think about the answers carefully. Then encourage your children to accept that as they grow, there will be different expectations from them and help them to grow up so that they can meet them.

If you would like your child to act their age you can learn how by reading The Parent’s Toolkit.