Peace Sign, Helping siblings get along

Wouldn’t that be nice? Peace at home and everyone getting on great with each other, all the time. OK, it’s a bit of a fantasy but if there is always lots of noise and arguing going on at home between your children, things can be improved by helping siblings get along. There are two ways to make home life more peaceful. Both involve getting siblings to talk to each other and try to take responsibility for improving the atmosphere.

Helping Siblings Get Along Idea No. 1

Encourage siblings to understand each other.

  • What type of personality do the siblings have?
  • What do they respond to best?
  • What are their triggers?
  • How can they be a better communicator with each other?
  • What are the needs of their siblings? Are they the same as their own?

By understanding who they are living with better, siblings can communicate in a more effective way. Perhaps you could practice with them talking to one another with respect and listening to each other more.

Helping Siblings Get Along Idea No. 2

Give children responsibility for solving problems.

Instead of children running to parents to sort out arguments and problems, encourage them to think about solutions themselves.

  • What could they do so that their needs were all met?
  • What could they say to dissolve a situation that could escalate?
  • How do they appease their siblings?
  • Perhaps they could negotiate with them or compromise.

If they can think of a couple of ways to solve a situation and tried them out, they may find that getting on with each other isn’t that hard at all. Squabbling can become a bad habit and once siblings try to break it, home life becomes a lot more peaceful.


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