Girl readingIt is not always easy to concentrate especially when there is more than one thing going on around you. Some children find it difficult to concentrate on the activity they are supposed to be doing, some children find it hard to listen to other people and others find it tough to have a conversation as their mind wanders. We all need to be able to have that focus and it is something we should teach our children. Why? Well, if they don’t listen they won’t learn or know what they are meant to do. They need to be able to engage with others – that is a huge part of life – and they need to be able to complete tasks. Concentration is a life skill so you need to be helping your child to concentrate.

We need to identify what’s stopping them from concentrating. Are there other distractions? Does your child not want or like to do the chosen activity? Do they understand what they are supposed to be doing? Do they find sitting still hard?

Encouraging Your Child To Concentrate

Identifying why the lack of concentration is happening can help you to solve it. Here are some activities and games you can play with your child to help promote better concentration:

You can tell your child a story and then get them to answer questions about it to see what they remember.

You can play the game where you place playing cards upside down and then taking turns with your child turn over two cards at a time to see if you can find a match. If you get the match wrong you place the cards in their original space.

Play ‘I went shopping and I bought a...’ Taking it in turns you have to say what you bought when you went shopping. You have repeat what they bought and add on what you bought adding one thing at a time. The game continues until one of you forgets what the long shopping list was. What games do you play or activities do you do to promote concentration?

If you need help with your child’s concentration or any other essential life skills then please give me a call so we can discuss how coaching can help.

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