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This is going to be my last blog before the Christmas holiday so I can finally get around to getting the last bits ready for my own family holiday time. I love the holidays – especially Christmas. It’s cold outside and you just want to stay indoors with friends and family and that in turn means lots of TV, game playing, eating and drinking. In a nutshell, cutting yourself off from the rest of the world.

Why Is Family Holiday Time Important?

I think it is really healthy to have this time. It is time to re-bond with your whole family and time to get out of a routine. There is no having to get up to do errands or rushing around as a taxi service for the children. It all stops for two weeks – well it does in our house anyway. It can also be a time to think about how life is for you as a family. Decisions can be made about what you are going to change when you all go back to your routine. Is everyone happy with the way things are or can something shift to make life a little easier, happier?

You may notice that your children are more content and feel good about themselves. Many children who aren’t keen on school or have low self-esteem will perk up as they have the security and safety of their family around. There is no one being unkind to them or they don’t have the challenges that school brings. Their body and mind is more relaxed and that is such a good thing. We all need to take time out. We all need downtime.

The Christmas holidays can be whatever you want them to be – busy with lots of plans or lazy with none. The most important thing is that everyone within the family gets to do what they want to do and that you use it as a chance to be together in the most stress free way possible.

How do you spend your Christmas holidays? Do you laze about or get busy?! I’d love to hear how you spend the time and what it means for your family. Leave a comment below or via Facebook and Twitter.