School to Home Learning

When children go to school they already know quite a lot about how to behave (we hope). So, when they do enter the education system we trust that they will get on and continue to practise what we have taught them at home. But after they pass their school, they will definitely need help, say from this site, which shows what all courses they can take up. One on the courses pertains to spanish clep practice test, and can be of immense help to the child. But I digress.

The kind of thing I am talking about is respect – not talking when someone else is, sharing nicely, being respectful, using their manners etc. What we may not focus on as much, but is just as important, is that learning is fun and can be enjoyed. That they should try their best always and that they need to put the hard work in to get the result they want. That can be as simple as revising for their spelling or their times tables test when they are 6 years old.

Some children do not want to put the effort in or have not been taught that hard work can bring great results and many children realise that if they are not doing very well in a subject that they may as well give up on work – what is the point?

Well there is a point. Just because they are not brilliant at something they should still try their best and get as much enjoyment from the parts they like in that subject. Not all of it is boring or uninteresting. They can look for the fun elements. Could you help them do this?

We can promote the fun part by talking to our children about what they are learning, take an interest in projects and inspire and enthuse about their lessons. By showing them the bits to get excited about they will hopefully see them too. We can get them to also set themselves goals in those subjects so that they don’t give up and try their best. Perhaps set goals together?

Finally, bring learning home – learn together things they aren’t doing at school. Baking, reading, riding a bike and doing quizzes. They are all educational in their own way and fun too.