Boy sitting at desk doing homework

There aren’t many children who like to do homework. Mainly because there are so many better things to do. There are screens, games to play and some children will even prefer to help you to avoid settling down to do it. Homework can also take up too much time or children think it is going to be hard. It is not always hard but they give this excuse because they don’t want to do it and most of the time homework won’t take long and it is only revision of what they learnt at school. Children can’t avoid it though – it has to be done and it is imperative that they do it to build on their learning at school. Try the following homework strategies for children to help them finish the job:

Four Homework Strategies For Children

Be Available: Get children to do their homework in a communal area or make sure we are floating around near where they are working. Either way we will be on hand for them to ask questions and we can also make sure they don’t wander off or get distracted.

Limit Distractions: We can make sure that there as a few a distractions as possible so no phones or tv on whilst they are working.

Be Empathetic: Be understanding when children get frustrated with challenging homework so they know we are on their side. Talking through the homework before they start it will hopefully alleviate potential frustration as they will know what to do. 

Talk Through It: If you can see that they lack confidence in their ability to do their work right sit with them and talk through each question and get them to share their answer before committing it to paper.

Try these tips to help make doing homework less stressful for everyone in the family.  Good luck!

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