Parent and Child at sunset
Love makes the world go round (so they say). Whether it does or doesn’t, I think that love is the most important thing in life. We may be having a tricky time in an area of our life but hopefully, there will always be someone who loves and cares about us that can help us feel better. We need to know that there is always someone there for us – who will listen and comfort us. Children need to know this too. When children feel love they will feel more secure, safe and connected to those people they feel it from. Love creates bonds and this is something that everyone of us needs. Love can be shown in various guises and we need to know how our children feel love from us and what they respond well to in terms of affection or doing things for them. So how can we show children love?

Show Children Love In Different Ways

I found this article on the language of love this week and wanted to share it with you. Why? Because we all show our children how much we love them in many different ways. Have a read of it. I like the examples of what parents have done to show their children how important they are to them. I particularly like the idea of Dad spending the night in an attraction. Dads are great at doing that stuff. We all have our own way. I like to just hang out with my sons individually in the evening before they go to bed. Sometimes we just lie on their bed and stare up at the ceiling and chat. That to me is special. They knew that I loved them becase of the time I was spending with them but also I was doing something that they wanted to do rather than me dictating how we spent that time.

I love the concept of the language of love. Love isn’t just about what you say to your children – actions speak louder than words! What kind of things do you do to show your children you love them and to create a stronger bond with them? Please leave a comment below.