Question mark, solving a problemA child has a problem. They think of how they can solve it. They ask their friends and their parents and try out all of their ideas but the problem is still there…. What can they do? Have they thought of enough solutions or have they only thought of one way of making the problem go away? Is there a point when that child should just give up and accept the way their life is or should they keep on seeking for the solution? I don’t think they should give up. If a child cannot solve a problem using their resources, maybe they don’t understand the real problem or are they not seeing themselves as part of the problem. That’s possible.

The Elements To Solve A Problem

Many children do not seem to see themselves as part of the problem and until they do they are unable to move forward. This can take some time and it also takes some guts to say, ‘I did this which is why I am in this situation and I now need to do something to change the situation.’ We know, as adults, that accepting responsibility is the first step and we need to see the whole picture ad exactly what is going on. What was happening for the thing to go wrong? What were all the elements? What was my part to play in the problem?

We also know that if we do not change our actions or our thoughts that the problem remains and we stay in the situation. We don’t move forward as we are stuck. We need to be teaching our children this. Ask them – ‘what will happen if you do nothing? And what may happen if you did something? Perhaps something good may happen i.e. the problem will go away?’ Can they imagine what it would be like if they did x? It can be quite exciting for them to think of the possible outcome. It takes guts and responsibility to make a positive change and solve the problem ahead of them but it will be worth it.

If your child is not seeing themselves as part of the problem find a way to get them to see that they are and that in order for change, they are the ones who have to be the implement it.

Problem solving is my forte. If you would like your child to have excellent problem solving skills then give me a call.

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