child looking cheeky, child being rude

It is hard to parent a child who is defiant. At one stage or another most parents have experienced a defiant child who just will not do what you want them to do. You ask them, then you ask them again and they either refuse to comply and keep on doing what they were doing or they verbally tell us why they are not going to do that thing and what they want to do instead – normally in a loud voice. Parenting a defiant child can  be very frustrating. So what can you do to make things easier on ourselves and to make sure that we manage their defiance?

Ways To Deal With A Defiant Child

  1. Reduce it by focusing on their good behaviour rather than their bad. This will help them feel good about themselves, making them less likely to go against our wishes and our will.  Children tend to be less defiant when they feel positive about themselves.
  2. Consider the child’s thoughts and feelings more to help them feel involved. Children who feel considered believe that we value their opinion. Again, they are less likely to go against something they were asked their opinion on.
  3. Think about when your child is defiant the most and then try and find a way to avoid that situation. For example, if your child hates to be rushed then add in more time for them to get ready. There will be nothing for them to resist against.
  4. Finally, you can make sure our child knows what is expected of them and what is around the corner too. We can give them advance warnings of things to come so they are prepared.

Try out these tips to see how they help. You may not see results immediately but by changing the way you deal with a defiant child, you can reduce the inevitable battle of wills between parent and child! If you get stuck you can always give am call on 07961312749 so I can help your child be less definant and more complicit.