Girl giving piggyback

There are followers and leaders. Sometimes it is good to be a follower and sometimes it is good to be a leader. Both are necessary in life at some stage. It is very easy to be a follower if you are patient, able to listen, can and like to follow instructions. Some children will struggle with being a follower because they get distracted easily. They don’t necessarily want to do what they are told and are impatient. In terms of being a leader it can be easy for some children as they have that natural ability to get people to do things with or for them. They do this without being bossy and know the right words to use. They like to be in charge and listened to. Some children don’t like being a leader because it means responsibility and making decisions and that is not something they are comfortable with or don’t have the confidence to do.

Leadership skills are useful for children to have to get on in life. In the first instance it is important that children have leadership skills in the classroom so that they can get things done when working in groups. If there is no leader then who is going to take charge and bring individuals together? Great projects can happen when they have a reliable and directive leader.

What Makes A Good Leader In A Child?

  • A great leader knows the way (they are going)
  • Goes the way (walks the talk)
  • Shows the way (shows others what needs to be done.)
  • They need to be assertive
  • Be a good listener and know how to get along with different types of people.
  • Working with their friend’s strengths in also important.

Is your child a leader or a follower? If a follower, how could you help your child to be a leader?

If you would like to bring out the leader in your child and get them to join in or instigate activities more then please get in touch with me for more information.