Scrabble bricks saying 'study'

We all love a hard-working child. A child who wants to work and do well at school. We can see how much time they are putting into their homework and studying for tests. It’s great to see, so we tend to think it has many positives. It shows they have a great work ethic and drive. But working too hard can also have a down side.  If you have a child who is spending too much time on their studies (and in front of a laptop) and not doing much else, then it is time that parents intervene so we can give them ideas to study well. If they don’t, children could get stressed which can lead to becoming ill or to burn out. Even if they need to spend more time working because they don’t understand something, they will still need regular breaks. It is harder to retain information when stressed, pressured or bored.

Ideas to study well

As a parent make sure you are on top of how much work children are doing and encourage them to take time away from their studies on a daily basis. It is important that they have time to relax.  Find an activity that’s not screen or book based that gets them up and away from their desk and their study area. If they get stuck for ideas maybe suggest that they;

  • call friends
  • have a shower
  • take a walk
  • do some sport
  • help you out with something like shopping and getting food ready for dinner
  • tidy their bedroom
  • listen to music
  • do some meditation

All of these activities allows children to take a break and chat with the rest of the family or their friends.  Studying can be isolating, so it’s good to talk to others to feel more cheerful.  Anything that will relax them and help them take their mind off work, will help them feel more alert when they get back to it. It is not just the intensity of work that we want them to get away from.  It is also the effect working at a laptop screen has on their eyes and their bodies. Encourage them to get up and shake themselves out at regular intervals and go and see what other members of the family are doing. Moving will get some oxygen into their lungs and boost their brain power. .

Using these ideas to study well and teaching our children positive habits now will be good for them long-term. Learning to manage their workload and time is a valuable skill in the modern world.  It will help children to grow into happier, more relaxed adults.