Child lying in a field relaxing
In today’s fast-paced world, it’s becoming increasingly vital to teach children the importance of having time to themselves. Among the constant buzz of technology and scheduled activities, finding moments of quietness and being alone with their thoughts can benefit a child’s personal growth and development.
This ‘me time’ can help children to engage in activities independently, can get them to think creatively about how to spend their time and can also help them relax. It is not good to always be surrounded by people and it is a real skill to be alone and be happy with being alone. The importance of spending some time alone has many benefits.

The Benefits of Time To Yourself

The biggest advantage of ‘me time’ for children is to do activities of their choice without relying on others for entertainment. That could be;

  • drawing
  • reading
  • listening to music
  • playing or kicking a ball around the garden

There are so many ways to spend ‘me time’ but all these activities allow children to cultivate a strong sense of independence by learning to be comfortable in their own company.

If parents want to get their children to have more ‘me time’ instruct them to go into their bedroom or go out into the garden and find something to do. Give them an opportunity to be creative and have fun on their own. All children need ‘me time’ as do parents. By providing them with opportunities for solitary play and exploration, parents are helping their children develop vital life skills, emotional intelligence and creativity.

Empowering children with the ability to enjoy their own company will ultimately lay the foundation for healthier relationships with others and a greater sense of self-awareness in the future.

For more information on life skills and other areas you would like help with concerning your child please take a look at The Parent’s Toolkit.