two boys playing football

It will soon be time for many children to say goodbye to the friends that they have made in primary school and move on to secondary education. They will see some friends again because they are going to the same school, or they live close to each other. Other friendships will be left behind as the friendship bond won’t withstand the change. It is so personal to each child as to what is going to happen with their friendships. Children hope that they keep primary school friendships, but they may worry about whether they will have enough time to still fit them into their lives. Will it be possible – what with new friends to make and possibly a much longer school day with more homework?

Parents need to be honest with their children and tell them that it will be hard for them to stay in touch with their old primary school friends, (especially if they have not seen all of them due to lockdown), but it is possible to keep those special friends in their life.


They could see their old friends at the weekends or during the holidays once they start secondary school. They could even speak to them using social media if they aren’t already doing so. If the friendships are strong enough they will survive through secondary school.

There are no guarantees when it comes to continued friendship but for now – when they first start secondary school they can try keep primary school friendships going. Some may just dissolve over time and they will have to say goodbye to them. This will be a natural process. They won’t know until they go to secondary school so help them keep the door of friendship open with their existing friends and see what happens.