Making change

Making change often requires doing something new and behaving differently. For example:

  • Changing the way children interact with others
  • Changing the way they behave or respond to their peers, teachers or family
  • Using different thoughts to help children to a positive place in their heads

All of these changes require commitment and momentum. Children can’t have a new set of thoughts and then use them only once. They can’t try a new way to interact with others once and never try again if they don’t get the reaction they wanted. Neither will work because we know that we have to do that thing consistently (if it is going well and working) to get the results that we want, and it can take quite a while. Making change and sticking with it is required.


Keeping momentum is important in order to get to the end goal. When children want to give up, parents need to help them to keep going, particularly when things have not gone so well. Perhaps they can write down and record how things are changing at school or at their activities, how they feel about themselves or their interactions with others. They can write down every little thing that felt different but successful. By noticing these small positive changes, your child will hopefully be spurred on to continue with their plan to tweak or change their life or themselves.

Wow Board for Childrens Self Esteem

The Wow Board

Developed for children who need a self-esteem boost and to learn how to focus on the positive things that happen in life. All children should feel good about who they are, recognise and acknowledge their strengths and have a ‘can do’ attitude!

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