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Do we always have to multitask? Sometimes we do. Sometimes it is easy to juggle a few things without anything being compromised but I really do think it depends on what you are doing while you’re multi-tasking. However, we are now in the Summer holidays and have the opportunity, hopefully, to spend more time with our children than during term-time and that means less phone time in the holidays and more being present time.

When it comes to our children and being with them I think single tasking is of greater benefit. I really do not think it is possible to give children our full attention when we are doing something else, especially when we are on the phone – taking a call, looking at a screen, emailing etc. Surely some things can wait? If we had enough willpower we would only take our phones out when we weren’t talking to our children or engaged in an activity with them especially if this is our time off from work. There has to be some balance I think and self-control. Is it possible that we can respond and interact with our phone only at certain times of the day and ignore it or set an ‘I’m busy’ message on our phones when we are with our family?

Ways To Have Less Phone Time In The Holidays

  1. Be a bit stricter with ourselves and leave our phones in our bags or at home when we go out with our family and check them when we are having ‘our time’
  2. We can leave our phones in another room when having dinner or watching a film or playing games at home.
  3. Put an out of office on our emails and messages and maybe if feeling brave put the phone on vibrate.

We want to be good role models and that includes phone and technology use. Are you guilty of spending too much time on your phone or multi-tasking during the school holidays? Think about what you could do to be more present?

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