Girl upset

People often find it hard letting go of minor problems. They tend to focus far too much on them trying to solve them and they may obsess about making that thing right. They just can’t get past that issue. It may not be necessary to make it right and they should really just move on from that problem particularly if there is no solution or they can’t find one. They can get consumed with how it is affecting them and how the problem or situation can be made better. Unfortunately, sometimes we have the power to change things, and can do so easily if we put our mind to it. Sometimes, we can’t. It’s not always worth giving minor problems too much importance, especially if we do not have control over them or they are not that important in the greater scheme of things.

Let Minor Problems Go

Adults are not alone. Children do this as well. They will fixate on something and will not let it go. They will talk about the problem and share how they feel about that issue. Adults need to be able to help them evaluate if that thing it is really worth their brain power, their frustration and their energy. If it’s not, then they need to get on with the rest of their life and not worry about it anymore. We need to teach children to focus on the more important things and see that there are lots that they should be paying attention to. The smaller stuff should not take away too much of their attention.

So what is important to your child and what can they let go of? Ask them. Make a list. Most of the stuff they can let go of will be those parts of their life they cannot control. There are so many things they should worry about.

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