Long Lasting Effects of BullyingI recently posted on twitter about 4 ways you can bully proof your child. Bullying is something parents are always interested in (we don’t like it, we want it to stop and we don’t want our children to ever be bullied) and so whenever I post something of this nature I get lots of feedback and interaction. One follower @playgrndequip kindly sent me a link to a fantastic article about the long lasting effects of bullying and I would like to share it with you –  The 10 (Life) Long Lasting Effects of Bullying 

What are the long-term effects of bullying?

I don’t think we really realise the long term effects on a child. There are degrees of bullying as we all know and I think it is really useful to understand what your child may go through after they have experienced being bullied. Bullying takes a variety of forms and this is not to say that every child will have these long lasting effects. Please do have a read and I suggest you bookmark the article should you ever need to reference it.

There is a lot to learn from the article. Did you know that when they become older and start work in their chosen career, victims of bullying may still be struggling to overcome feelings of inferiority, beicome the target of derisive behaviour, derisive comments and jokes. That could hold them back to reaching their true potential. I find that very sad indeed.


Photo by David Robert Bliwas, Creative Commons