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There is always a start and finish to anything in life. That could be anything from sitting exams to making a cake, getting ready for a day out, doing a school project, or running a race. Sometimes it’s hard to see the finish line as it feels so far ahead in terms of time. Some things have a long lead time (arranging a wedding, a work project, or moving house). We know there is an end but there seems so much to do before we actually can see it.

Most of the time the end is not too far away in the future – maybe a couple of days, weeks or months. Just like exam season. Children know when they are going to be sitting exams and when they are going to be finished but it is getting them to see that finish line. Parents can help their child to develop the mindset they need to get through.

Sitting Exams And The Finish Line

We are starting to go into exam season so children will be stepping up their revision as they head toward their GCSEs and A-levels. There is a lot to do. There is so much to learn and keep in their head and it can make them feel overwhelmed at times. But just like any other project children need to see that all the work they are doing now is not going to continue forever. It will end so they should just go for the finish line and work as hard as they can. Children need to remember that this ‘exam’ project is about a 10-week time frame and once completed it will be time for them to kick back, relax and enjoy their summer.

How can parents help children to cross the finish line?

One thing that might help is ticking off each exam, as they sit them, off their exam timetable so they can see how many exams they have done, how many more they have to go and see that they are one step closer to the end.


Other Resources to Help with Exams

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Helping Children To Improve Grades

Dealing with Overwhelm

If your child is really struggling with exam nerves or stress and could do with some extra help, find out more about how Life Coaching for Children can help them.  If you’d like to get in touch, just visit the contact us page.