Reward charts, trophy, rewardReward charts are not for everyone, but many parents of younger children I have seen in my practice have found them invaluable. They provide a great way to get their child to take responsibility for their actions and their behaviour. They also encourage children to take action by thinking about what the reward would be for them when they reach a certain amount of stickers/stars/other. That can be very motivating for the child – knowing they will get some time with mum or to go on a cinema trip. For some children once they see that they are able to do things for themselves and by themselves they will want to do more. And that is what we want for our children – to become independent and to behave well.

Kiddy Charts – Reward Charts

There are lots of variations of reward charts but I particularly love Helen Neales. Helen makes personalised charts for children using different themes. When we have something personal it feels special to us and we are therefore likely to treasure it and have an association to that thing. I think that is why Kiddy Charts works. The children  – especially those of primary school age – like this personalisation. It can also boost their self-esteem because it has been created just for them.

If reward charts work for you but you fancy something a little different then please pop over to Helens website Not only will you find a wide range of choice and different types of charts but they are free to download once you have created the one you want.

Enjoy creating and helping your child to be the person you want them to be. It is so important that we start this whilst they are young and build on their self-esteem in this way too.

How do you use reward charts with your children? Do they help you to reach the desired outcome/behaviours from your child?

Wow Board Sticker Chart - Front View

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