Signs saying No

No-one likes a child who is negative and whinges –  it can be quite frustrating for parents to listen to. The child may be complaining about all the aches and pains they have or about something not being the way they want it to be. Moaning about situations they are experiencing at school etc. – they will find something to be negative about and moan about everything. These children may feel that life is hard and they are hard done by. For anyone else they would see that they have a lot to be thankful for and happy about. But are they really hard done by? Why do they behave like this? We need to be moving children from a negative to positive mindset but how can we do this?

Moving Kids From A Negative To Positive Mindset

Parents may not often understand where the moaning and complaining is coming from. As adults we may not be like that at all. In fact, we may be a positive person who always has a smile on our face, never complains and accepts that sometimes life does not have to be perfect – it just has to be good or okay. Having this type of negative mind-set can affect the child’s friendships. I don’t know too many people who want to hang around with someone like this. It gets tiring and can pull other people down too.

We can help our children by getting them to see the good things that are in their life – perhaps they can make a list of those things.

They can start to use a WOW Board and write down what was good, great or WOW about their day so they start to identify the positive things that made them happy during their day.

We can share with them the benefits of being positive and how others will respond to you when you are.

Help them not to be so critical of other people and situations and be more accepting of others behaviour. None of us are perfect!

We can get them to imagine how it feels being the person who has to listen to the moaning – kind of role playing it out with them.

These are just five ideas to help tackle a negative mindset. What have you tried with your child and what else would you add to this list?

The ‘WOW’ Board can definitely help move a child from a negative to a positive mindset. Have a look at how it ca benefit a child.