Nervous about schoolThroughout the UK, school children won’t be going back to school for at least six weeks due to the latest lockdown. With that time on top of already having had the two weeks Christmas holiday at home, it may be that several children may be nervous about school when it returns.  They may worry about seeing their friends after so long, about doing work in the classroom again, or they might be concerned about catching COVID after being extra careful at home. If you have a child who is feeling nervous about school talk to them about what they could look forward to on their return and reassure them that nothing much will have changed over that time.

Calming The ‘Nervous About School’

If your child feels apprehensive about going back to school, help them to see that everything will be OK so that they feel more positive:

  1. Their friends will still be their friends, even if they haven’t seen them for a long time.
  2. They will be able to play and laugh with their friends at lunch and breaks to make up for the lost time. They may also be able to see them after school at activities or just to hang-out together.
  3. They won’t be with their family members so much anymore and that can be a good thing!
  4. They will be back in their old routine in their familiar environment.
  5. They will get to see their favourite teachers/lunch helpers/TAs again.

In the meantime, they can still chat to their friends on facetime and should see their teachers on screen for online classes. Children can enjoy the comforts of home during the cold winter, but still be able to go out for walks or bike rides.

Until the day we can finally return to normal life, we can enjoy this time to make great new memories at weekends. Find fun hobbies and things to do that are new and different, to keep active during this hibernation period. It will also help children calm and busy, so they feel less nervous about school and lockdown.