Raising Girls Every Parent Needs to Know bookI’m contrary when it comes to reading parenting books. I either love them and can’t put them down, or find I can’t get past the first chapter. I love a book with a good layout and structure with content that is easy to read and presents ideas that are easy to implement. It must also be engaging and offer practical ideas that I have never thought of before that I can use with my own children. I don’t have girls but I love to read to help me in my work and I loved this one on raising daughters.

Help For Raising Daughters

The last book I read did all of those things and I want to share it with you. It’s called 7 Secrets of Raising Girls Every Parent Must Know by Judy Reith.  It is unusual in that Judy brings into the book her own experiences of motherhood and the way she was raised. It quotes her own mums thoughts on raising girls and provides a wealth of information about how parents can understand and interact with their daughters best.

The topic areas, i.e the secrets, are not the standard I have seen in other books and for me that is what makes it special. It addresses village building, puberty, the role of dads, food, friendships etc. You name it and it is probably in there. The book is fresh, well laid out, easy to read and has lots of ideas for you to use. It prompts parents to really think about their own daughters and what is happening with them.  I love that the book is broken up within each chapter with quotes from parents Judy has worked with and a few celebrity parents too. It is a book I would certainly recommend and I think it would certainly change the households of many families with daughters.