new attitude

Many people are deciding on their new year resolutions for 2022. Resolutions are normally focused on stopping negative behaviours and habits, or on setting an intention that will have a positive impact on our health. Whatever you choose – a new years resolution is normally one that affects our own wellbeing only. But what about instead of making a new year resolution just for ourselves, we make a different type of change? One that would have benefits for others instead of just ourselves? This is perfect for children and gives them a chance to worry less about their own egos. What could they change about themselves in relation to their interactions with others, and would be easy to implement and take into the new year? Perhaps it could be that they have a new attitude towards life or others?


Well, the one thing that children do have control over is their attitude. So, how about they set an intention to have a new attitude?

  • Perhaps they appear negative when talking to friends.
  • Maybe they aren’t very enthusiastic when someone suggests an activity.
  • They may not be giving others a chance or being respectful enough.

These are just some examples and, if they are currently like this, then the response from others will not be a positive one. And a positive response is important for self-esteem and confidence, and of course important for those they are engaging with. So let us talk about attitude with our children and see what they can change so that their attitude is positive going into the new year and beyond.

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The WOW Board

Help your child to track progress on their new resolutions with the WOW Board. Note down what was good, great, or wow about their day!