Spoilt Girl We have all seen and experienced the spoilt child – the one who always gets what they want. The one who cries or has a tantrum when he does not get what he wants. It is not nice to see and as a parent seeing a child behave in this way you may think to yourself how did the parent let that happen? How did they get to such as place where the child is calling the shots? Well it is very easy to get to that place and that is out of fear or guilt. Fear as we want our children to be happy and want them to have what they want. Guilt because spoiling them makes up for something that we are not giving them. We actually do not intend to raise a spoilt child but it can happen. They receive from us but because they expect the said thing they don’t appreciate it as much as a child who never expected it. I am not just talking about monetary items but also experiences and getting their parents to do what they want to do.

How To Stop Spoiling A Spoilt Child

  • The first step is to commit ourselves to stop spoiling our children and see it though.
  • The second is to be prepared of the backlash that the saying ‘no’ is going to bring.
  • Other things to do are to share with your children the kind of behaviour you expect when you say no, the consequences of them not doing what you ask and respecting your decisions. We can start to reign in what we give them and start to help them to think of others who have not had the luxury of mum and dad giving them what they wanted.
  • We can also start to spend more time with them and motivate them to start doing things for themselves so they appreciate us and the things we do for them more.

What else could you do?

If you would like help with your spoilt child or any other traits you don’t particularly like please get in touch with me.


Image courtesy of Clare Bloomfield / FreeDigitalPhotos.net