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I don’t offer parent coaching services as I’m a life coach for children, but I do offer advice and support, just not in the way that parenting coaches do. After every coaching session I have with a child, I talk to the parents about what the session entailed so they can support their child with the new strategies, thoughts or actions I’ve suggested in the session.

It is really important that I do this so we are all working together. I also inform the parents of any positive thinking strategies that might be helpful for them to use, or to think about how to make their child happier or feel empowered. Many parents are open to this idea as after all they want a happier child and want their child’s life to be more stress-free. It’s always helpful if parents are willing to listen to what I have to say but it’s up to you what you do with it.

The Importance Of Parent Coaching

Parental support is so important in terms of a child’s growth. Having their back when they decide on the strategy they want to try out is important. They are showing braveness so don’t steer them away from trying out something new. It will either work or it won’t. Either way they will have learnt from it.

Trust them when they want to talk about something different than what you want to address. If something is bothering a child and they want to talk about it, then they should be able to. I cannot ignore or just dismiss what a child is telling me. I’ll ask parents if there is something they want me to discuss with their child and I always get around to the parent’s agenda but it doesn’t take priority if the child has something else on their mind that’s important.

Parents/Adults are just the same. We have something worrying us we have to talk about. We try out new ideas to see if they work and we grow as we implement them. Coaching is such a wonderful method of taking a child from one place – mentally or emotionally – to another and it is made much easier if parents are on my side. Parent Coaching alongside it is a win/win.

The Parent'sToolkit by The Kids Coach, Naomi Richards - Book CoverIf you would prefer to read about strategies parents can use have a look at my book, The Parents Toolkit. Alternatively, please get in touch with me to book a session with your child.


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