teenage girl workingAnother year has gone by and whilst I think it is important to look forward and feel excited about the coming year I also think it is important that we look back on 2013 and think about how we did as a parent. What parent learnings were there? Do you feel like you did the best possible job that you could or do you think there was room for improvement? Could you have shouted less? Been more organised? Spent more time with the children? Created more memories?

What Were Your Parent Learnings Last Year?

Think about what went incredible well and what you enjoyed the most about being a parent this past year. Write it down. What did you think you did really great at? Focus on the positive and the things that really worked – the ones that connected you with your children and the ways that they co-operated. How long is that list? If there is not 10 things on it go and write down some more. Here’s some prompts to help you:

  • What type of communication worked for you and your children?
  • What fundamental changes happened at bedtime – mealtimes – getting up and out in the morning?
  • What did you learn about the way they wanted to be treated?
  • What rules and consequences worked?
  • What new personality traits did you develop more of?
  • What did you learn about yourself and about your child in the process of raising them the past year?
  • What new activity did you discover about them and what was your role in that?

Now for all those things that worked be mindful of them – maybe keep the paper you put down your thoughts – and take them forward into 2014.  Grow with your child rather than against them. Keep listening and understanding them. Use what you know that works and build on it. Keep discovering more about your children and allow yourself to adapt to their changes so that you too develop your parenting learning and style. Keep on being an amazing parent.

Happy new year!


Image courtesy of adamr / FreeDigitalPhotos.net