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Children don’t always have a clear perspective on things. They see things as either black/white or as good/bad.

Some children will find it very frustrating when they cannot control a situation, especially when it is not the way they want it to be. They’ll view the situation as negative and be unhappy.

For example, a child told me about a holiday they went on that they did not enjoy. They have viewed it as bad because they had very little control over the holiday. The weather had not been great and they did not always enjoy what they did.

Had they viewed the holiday differently and accepted that they could not change it, they would have enjoyed the holiday much more. Walking around with a negative outlook isn’t conducive to finding the fun or interest in those situations.

Children need to see things differently so they can enjoy life, and it’s important that they realise that they can’t control everything. The same child told me about their long and boring train journey. But they could have thought, this journey can be fun because we can play games or watch a movie. Not only would the journey have gone faster, but the child would also have had more fun. It’s just about a small switch in attitude.

Helping Children Change Perspective

Whatever ‘annoying’ situation your children find themselves in, help them to change their mindset from a negative one to a positive one. Help them to think, ‘And what now?’ Don’t let them get stuck in a pattern of reacting a certain way.

Instead, get them to look for opportunities to have fun or look for alternative things to do. Help them also to accept that some things are ‘frustrating’ but they don’t have to be for long.

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