Future Proofing Your ChildI stumbled across an article about a new book that is coming out this week and it seems to sit well with my values and what I believe in parenting.

I choose not to shout at my children. I am not not perfect so it does happen occasionally but not often. I also choose not to bribe my children or give out threats as I like my children to do what I ask (the first or second time) and see the benefits in what I am asking (sharing the benefits or the outcome work for me). I actually want them to do things for themselves and to help other members of the family. These things are important to me and everyone who is parenting will have a different set of values – things they want to happen at home.

From the sounds of this book it seems to sit well with what I do and believe and not all parenting books do. I believe in teaching children responsibility early and starting young when it comes to self-discipline. These are skills that they are going to need later on in life and I believe it is harder to teach when older – although not impossible. I like the sounds of this book and will definately be buying it.

Have a read of the article and see if it is the kind of parenting style you use or aspire to use.