parenting problems

I do many parenting talks on all different aspects of the issues that children have. It doesn’t matter what the talk is about, I always get parents asking me questions about other parenting problems. What they are looking for are strategies for them or their children to use to make their lives better, happier etc. Many of those questions are similar.

Most Common Parenting Problems

Parents (no matter their class, creed or location) all want to know the same things:

1. How do I get my children to stop fighting?

2. How do I get them to listen to me?

3. How can I get them to do what I ask?

4. What motivation tools can I use that will work?

5. How do I keep my children safe without taking away their independence or being intrusive?

What are the answers?

We know that every household is different but there is a common theme amongst parental problems. We are all struggling with the same issues but there is never one answer. One answer does not fit all but, if we think about our children, their personalities and their needs, we are in a good starting place.  Things to consider are:

  • What do our children respond to best?
  • How should I ask them to do x?
  • What are they motivated by?
  • How can I teach them to get along with their siblings?
  • Am I interacting in the right way?
  • What can I do differently?
  • Do we need different rules and boundaries in place and how do I enforce them?

We need to ask these questions to ourselves so we can find the right solution for our children and for us. By doing so, the problems may lessen and home may be a nicer calmer place to be. Do you find yourself talking with friends about the same parenting issues? What are the main ones you discuss?

If you would like a little more help with parenting, The Parent’s Toolkit could be really useful for you.

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