child with school foldersWhy do some parents expect perfection in their children? Are they expecting too much? Are they being too pushy for them to be a certain way? Why do they expect so much from them when we ourselves are not perfect, and exactly what does it mean to be perfect? Of course we want our children to be polite, to get on with others, to do well at school, have lots of friends, be invited to all the parties etc. But is it realistic that our children are going to be all of those things and does it really matter if they aren’t?

I see children as a work in progress. I also see myself as the same. Every day I am changing and developing and hopefully learning something new. I want to be a better person and try harder in areas where I do not feel I am doing my best. I accept that I am not perfect either and never expect to be. I also like the fact that I am fallible and that my children make mistakes and they don’t always know the right thing to do in situations. They are unique and I like them that way.

Parents Expecting Too Much From Their Children

So why do some parents have these expectations? Is it because they feel they have work to do on themselves, do they want more for their children and want them to be accepted more into their peer group, what would it mean to them if they had a child who shone in every way possible. Would that make them happy? Our children are a reflection of how we parent, who we are and our values. Have we failed if they are not everything we wanted them to be?

I am going to leave this blog post there as I want to know what you think.


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