Sign saying 'Take Your Time'
In a busy world and with so much to do, it can be hard to keep the hurry out of our daily lives. There are always deadlines to meet and routines to follow and we are dictated by school times and working hours. The latter many of us don’t have a choice over. 
With so much going on it is not always easy to take a relaxed approach to getting ready in the morning, getting the children in the car, getting them ready for out of school activities and putting them to bed. These are just a few examples of when we are in a hurry. But is this good for the children? Should we be rushing children? What message are we giving  by rushing them?

Stop Rushing Children And Live in the Present

The message is quite clear. It is ‘the journey to doing something or getting somewhere is not fun. It is always rushed and there is an element of shouting or nagging involved’. This is not the message we should be giving our children. It should be: “The journey is fun, relaxed and is enjoyable’.

Life can’t always be fun but if we take away the stress of: Come on. We are going to be late. We need to get there and we need to get there now”, our children will turn up to school or an activity more chilled and in a better mind-set.

We also want our children to live more in the moment and take notice of what is going on around them rather than focusing on the clock and constant rush, rush, rush.  We don’t need to always be in a hurry and even if we are we don’t need to verbalise it to our children as it can be stressful for them. 

Slow down and start enjoying the journey rather than just worrying about getting to the next place and/or activity.

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