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I like to get creative in my coaching sessions with children, particularly if they are interested in drawing and writing. Sometimes writing or drawing whilst we are talking helps children to concentrate but also keeps their fingers busy and stops them from fidgeting. It is also good for them to make notes about what we are discussing and the key messages that I want them to take away from the session. The notes then leave visual cues for the child to remind them of the discussion.

How Visual Cues Motiviate Children

Sometimes I take this a step further and suggest that they create a wall poster with a few words on it that they can display in their bedroom. This provides a reminder of our coaching session and visual cues can help to promote the suggested actions they could take.

Posters can also remind children who they really are. We create a collage (similar to a vision board) of what values and traits the child represents, wants to achieve and the actions they want to remember. Not all children are visual learners but I think posters and collages still work. I encourage the children to sometimes use drawings, instead of words, and make them humorous so that they remember in a fun way the tools and strategies they need to use. They can laugh at their poster as well as remind themselves of the more serious action.

Adults use visual cues like vision boards and post it notes at work, so why not use them with children? I once got a child to remember to brush their teeth by having a post it above their bed and it worked!  It doesn’t take long to create a visual prompt or poster and it can lead to significant improvements in attitude and behavour, so give it a go!

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