bucket and spade and kids flip flops on the beach

Some children have already broken up from school for the long summer holidays. They are already doing what they should be doing during the school holidays, as in not much! There is lots of relaxing and seeing friends.  Some parents, (like me) – are patiently waiting for the summer holidays to begin but have to wait for another few days. Some children will be excited, whilst other children won’t be looking forward to the holidays because of the boredom that they think they are going to face. With very few people actually going away this year due to covid restrictions, it could be an okay summer for those children because they will be able to see more of their friends. Probably more than they usually would. The downside is that with more time on their hands and seeing the same friends every day may lose its novelty factor. They may get bored. So how can we help our children to plan summer activities that are variety and fun?

How To Plan Summer Activities With Your Kids

A great thing to do at the beginning of the holidays is to give your children a piece of paper and ask them to write down a list of all the friends they would like to see. The next step is to make a list of the things they would like to do with their friends. Activities might include:

  • Go to the cinema
  • An afternoon at the park
  • Sleepovers
  • Going to a holiday club for sports, drama etc.
  • Go swimming, bowling or trampolining

They can then speak to their friends and start to make plans. If your children are too young to do this alone you will have to get involved. Next, get them to write down all the things they would like to do as a family and schedule the dates throughout the summer. Finally, ask them to make a list of all the things they can do on their own. There may be lots of time to fill, and independent playing or keeping themselves occupied is really important.

Ideas for independent activities will vary depending on the child’s age, but can include:

  • Arts & crafts
  • Reading
  • Screen time (TV, tablet, gaming or socialising with friends online)
  • Playing with toys and siblings

Six weeks may seem like a long time to fill. By adding plans with friends, family days out, and independent activities to the calendar, they can see they have days and activities they can look forward to and enjoy. Enjoy helping them plan summer activities for a good summer and the end of social distancing restrictions!