Word Encourage

We all believe different things about ourselves and can find ourselves saying things internally to affirm what we believe.  Some of the affirmations are positive and some are negative, but essentially they are our inner voice and we need to remember that our children also have them. Children who have low self-esteem may be affirming that they are not good enough, clever enough or have no real friends. Children who have high self-esteem may be using positive affirmations that they are clever, able and they have enough good friends. They will also see themselves as a good person.

Both children may be at similar levels academically and socially, but the way their innner voice interprets this means one child feels good about themselves whilst the other doesn’t. I think positive affirmations are important as they move children to get on and do things without letting their negative inner voice get in the way.

How To Use Positive Affirmations

Children who have low self-esteem need to be able to practice positivity. They need to be able to find the pockets in their life where they are content and take the time to appreciate them. They need to recognise where they are doing okay and challenge any neutral beliefs they have about themselves and make them stronger.

An example of positive affirmations are:

  • I am a good person because ….
    What good deeds/actions do they do?  Are they kind, helpful, a good friend, show empathy? Get your child to think about their good qualities and repeat them outloud.
  • I have people around me that love me as they do things for me.
    What things do their loved ones and friends do for them? Talk about why they are lucky to have someone to love them and help them out in life. Teach them to show gratitude for this love.
  • I may not be good at everything but I am good at….
    What are your children’s skills?  Sports, arts & crafts, cooking, academic work and interpersonal skills?

Try positive affirmations with your children and get them to practice them daily so they start to feel more confident in their own abilities.

You could also check out the ‘WOW’ Board to promote positive thinking.