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If you gave any parent a piece of paper and got them to write down what they wanted their children to be like, I am sure they would write a long list. However, I doubt a parent could put it as eloquently as Dorothy Law Nolte in her poem Raising a Confident & Self-Assured ChildI love her poem about how we want our children to be. I know others do too as I have seen this beautiful piece of writing on the back of many doors and hallways. Why do I love it so much? Well, it covers off the traits we want our children to have. The traits that would help them to be the best they can be and also get on well in the world. It can inspire children to be the person they want to be. The poem touches on both positive and negative traits. The contrast is quite obvious between the first part and the second part of the poem and really gets you thinking about what do you want your child to be like? How can you be a positive influence on your children? How do you want them to live?

Ways To Be A Positive Influence

You should also take the time to read the article that accompanies the poem. It is about confidence and it highlights how we are a positive influence on our children. We are the ones to boost their confidence, be more self-accepting and not compare themselves to others. The article uses this wonderful word ‘Comparisonitis’. It means comparing yourself to others. I see many children who do this when they should be focusing on themselves. They should not be wanting to look or be like anyone else but themselves. They can however admire other peoples qualities, which in itself is a positive trait to have.

I also love the ‘blank slate’ that the article mentions. The fact that children are a blank slate when they are born. They are exactly that. We are the ones that create the child we are raising. Yes there are outside influences but what we teach and practice will provide a layer, an addition to their personality.

Its a really great article please read it and let me know your thoughts.

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