Positivity journal

Lockdown is making it very easy for children to feel bored and negative about the situation we are in. Every day may feel the same to them. Children get up, get dressed, have breakfast, do home learning/live lessons. Older children and teenagers may do the same but speak to their friends online or go for a walk with a friend after lessons finish or catch up with some Netflix. Younger children can take a trip to the local park or go or a walk with mum or dad after the ‘school day’ then its dinnertime followed by playing games, reading, watching a movie and relaxing time. It can feel soooo monotonous so children need to look more closely and see that every day is not the same and there are good things that are happening day to day. By using a positivity journal children can record these good things so they can focus on the positives of lockdown rather than the negatives. 

Why Start A Positivity Journal?

I think it is a really good idea, (if your children aren’t already doing so), for your children to keep a positivity diary to encourage them to document the things that have brightened their day. Things like:

  • Something funny they said or did in a lesson.
  • Anything that made them laugh out loud or raise a smile.
  • A good conversation with a friend.
  • Getting a great mark in an online test.
  • They helped to cook dinner for the family and everyone loved the food.
  • They met a friend in the park and had heaps of fun.

It is important that children hold onto these good events/experiences/memories so they are reminded that lockdown has not been all bad. That life was not boring every day. There were some positive things that they enjoyed and they learnt and did new things from it.

If you love journaling why don’t you have your own journal where you can document your own parenting journey.


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