Powerful language for childrenI stumbled across this wonderful article today as I was going through my emails and I just had to share it with you guys – my blog readers. It’s about the three most powerful words that you can say to a child. I know there is other language that may be just as powerful but the three words mentioned are not ones that a parent would automatically think to use. This powerful language mentioned in the article is words that we don’t say enough to our children. I don’t actually think these words come to the front of our minds when we are in conversation with our children. I think they should be used more.

Powerful Language Such As ‘You Are Enough’

The words are ‘You are enough’ and they are so strong. They can make a child feel that they are great just the way they are, that they do not need to change and that we accept them warts and all. That is my interpretation of the language anyway – you may think differently.

The content in the article Parenting 101: The Powerful Three Words You Should Tell Your Kids is so true as it states that:

1. The media sends messages to children that tells them that they are not enough and will often stress that they need to be better, thinner, prettier, more ambitious etc. These messages are in adverts, photos and articles that they see or read.

2. We can often vocalise what we think of our child’s performance and be a little bit too honest. For example, ‘Why did they not do better in that test?’. We can often criticise our children which makes them feel that they are not accepted by us and that they are bad people.

It is a great article and I hope that parents will find it useful by taking away the ‘think before you speak’ message and perhaps using these three words and trying them out. See the response from your child when you do.

I’d love to know how you get on.