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It is finally here and I am feeling ecstatic! Today is the publication day of the empowering kids book. I am beyond excited mainly because I never dreamt that I would write and get a second book published. In fact, I never thought I would write one book! BUT I have and here we are. So what am I going to do to celebrate? Probably take tomorrow off (once I have gone nuts on social media) and do something special, but before I do I would like to remind you about BOOK TWO.

Being Me (And Loving It) Book

Being Me (And Loving it) is a collection of 29 real life inspiring and empowering relatable stories that can be used as part of the PSHE programme in schools or used by parents with their children at home. It is a unique and unusual book that has been written to help build self-esteem, body confidence and resilience in children aged 5-11. It will also help children with friendship issues, social media understanding, peer pressure, puberty and body image.

Each story focuses on one prevalent issue that children face and has a host of activities (over 100) and discussion points that can be used at home by parents. When used by educators, youth workers, school counsellors and pastoral care teams, there is guidance on how to introduce each topic and story, learning outcomes as well as pre and post-lesson exercises. The book has been published by Jessica Kingsley and I have co-written it with a wonderful lady called Julia Hague who has a unique writing style. I am totally in love with this book and wish it had been out there when I was child. Take a look at my book page for more information.

You can buy from Amazon via this link: Being Me (and Loving It): Stories and activities to help build self-esteem, confidence, positive body image and resilience in children

We have already had a fantastic testimonial.

‘A treasure trove of stories for opening up discussions with 5 to 11 year olds about a wide range of issues which may be troubling them. These accessibly short stories about kids “just like me” are a great resource for teachers and parents alike and are enhanced by guidance notes and questions for exploration for supporting adults. I’ll be keeping my copy close to hand and sharing it widely.’

–Dr Pooky Knightsmith, Child & Adolescent Mental health Specialist and Advisor to the PSHE Association.