boy pulling funny faces

Children learn all about body language and how to interact with others because of what their parents teach them. They know it is important that they stand up straight and have eye contact when people are talking to them. Parents and educators teach it all to them but some things can slip through the net, such as pulling funny faces. Children use expressions to display how they are feeling. However, it can be very disconcerting and distracting when a child is pulling funny faces when they are interacting with parents, teachers or peers. And in the worst case, it can appear rude.  It is not intentional in many children but they do need to be aware of it so long as someone tells them.

What Do Others Think When A Child Is Pulling Funny Faces?

  • They think that the child isn’t interested in what is being said
  • They may think that they aren’t listening
  • They could think they aren’t taking what is being said seriously

Pulling faces won’t win them any friends either. Some of their friends will just think they are silly all the time and some may even think they are the type of friend to get them into trouble. If your child does something similar help them to stop. Funny faces are great for them to use when they are being silly but not when someone is having a conversation with them. There is a time and a place for everything and pulling funny faces is one of those things that needs to follow that rule. 

We want our children to be taken seriously and show that they are attentive, respectful and really concentrating when they are in a conversation. Show them the right way to look so that they are able to portray someone who is interested and engaged.

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