Children's Confidence

Rebuilding Children’s confidence…Whilst many parents and carers have been at home with their children overseeing home learning the past few months, it has given families a chance to live a different kind of life. Lockdown has introduced a slower pace for many that includes less structure and home comforts around it. This has been a huge relief for some children, particularly those that were finding school and the social side of things a bit tricky, or those that have had their confidence knocked. These children feel more relaxed now so it is a a great time to rebuild children’s confidence whilst they have a different mindset.

Five Ways To Rebuilding Children’s Confidence

Help children to feel strong and in control when they return back to school. Use the following tips to encourage, support and help children feel better about themselves:

  • Make time to talk to friends that they have a good relationship with, whom they trust, feel connected to or have a long history with.
  • Acknowledge the thing that has shaken their confidence, accept it happened and talk about what they would do differently next time.
  • Get them to think about who they are – what are their strengths, what they should be grateful for in life (loving family, their talents etc), what makes them unique and loved. Build up their self-belief from within.
  • Suggest they reach out to people at school that they like (and are kind), via social media if they were finding their friendship group difficult or non-existent. Gaming is a great way to connect and make new friends in their class or year group.
  • Re-kindle that spark in them by doing the things they love doing. Try to spend time doing things with them so they see that you love spending time with them too.

Try these confidence-boosting tips to help your child rebuild their self-esteem from the inside, out! If you would prefer a tailor-made approach perhaps coaching could help your child become more confident. Why not, give me s call to find out how.