We all have different strengths but some children do not recognise what their personal strengths are. I have been coaching some children recently who are already thinking about their future and what they want to do when they’re grown up. On talking with them they have an idea about what career they want, but haven’t thought about what their strengths are and whether they ‘fit’ their chosen job. If not, how likely it is that they will get to do that job? Can your children recognise their strengths so that they find this process easier.

Having a goal is brilliant but if the skills set isn’t there for their chosen career will they be willing to be committed enough to learn about/study that subject to reach their goal?  This will depend on the type of job it is and what qualifications required. 

Recognising Their Strengths When Making Choices

Get your child to do some research into how their chosen career so they can think about the academic requirements but also explore whether they have the right personality traits too. Sit down with them and write down what their strengths are and what will be required of them..

  • What’s the entry route into that sector?  
  • What qualifications are required? Are there any particular subjects they should study, like a foreign language?
  • Is it competitive and what grades do they need to achieve to move closer to their goal? 
  • Will they need to go onto further education at college or university level? 
  • Find information online or try to talk to people you know working in the same field. Talking to others can help children decide if it’s for them. 
  • What personality traits suit this line of work? 
  • Do they have any of these traits and can they be developed? 
  • What are they good at in school? What strengths and skills does this show?
  • What are they good at out of school? Again, what strengths and skills have they developed. 

Children need to know what their strengths are so they are able to choose the right GCSE options for them. Most chose the subjects they are excelling in. These should be the ones that they study unless they have to select a subject that’s a requirement for their future plans.  

Help your child form a picture of who they are and direct them towards their passion, whilst also keeping their strengths in mind.  Mapping out what’s required will help them to identify their current strengths and those they need to develop.