Control Your Childs Tech Use, child using ipad

Parents cannot moan that our children are glued to their ipad or playing video games all the time and that we wish they were doing something else when we are not doing anything to stop them. We have to take some responsibility for the time children use technology. Parents need to be in control of what they are doing rather than the other way around. It is far too easy to allow our children to use technology excessively and can often be a pattern of behaviour. Your child comes home reaches for the ipad and then sits on it until you notice. I think many parents have been there and allowed this to happen on occasion. But what about the children who do it every day and the parents who are frustrated by it happening? What can they do?

How Can Children Use Technology Less?

It is important that you break this pattern and that guidelines and time parameters around the use of the technology are enforced as technology use needs to be managed. This can be done by explaining to your child that the technology use is going to change for them. Discuss how much time they will be given and when they can use it so that you are both aware of the change and help them to stick with it through re-enforcing and reminding them of these times. This will mean that they will have more time on their hands so discuss with them other activities that they can do to get them out socialising with friends, new people or at home alone. It is very tempting to let our children do what they enjoy but they still need to exercise and live outside of their bedroom.

Children learn from us and being a good role model is getting them to see that everything is good in moderation and that they can enjoy technology when they have access to it. Less time can mean they value and enjoy it more.

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